Monday, 14 January 2013


It's about Day 2 or 3 of feeling like crap. I think nausea has set in now, although I'm unsure. I just feel such a lack of energy, tired and just no motivation. When it comes to having to cook dinner or do any task other than being lazy and sitting/lying down I have no motivation for it.

The smell of meat at the moment is sort of turning me off... Well what I think is the meat smell. Had a Parma, chips & salad last night and it was either the tomato on the Parma or it was just the chicken but it tasted horrible. Had meatballs for lunch today and it didn't smell bad to me so I'm not sure what was the go with it last night.

On Friday the Monroe piercing came out and I left it out. Although I loved that piercing but it continued to fall out constantly and became a nuisance so when it fell out for about the fifth time of the day it stayed out. Not only for it being a pest but because I want to obtain more of a motherly figure now. I'm not saying that mothers shouldn't have tattoos or piercings etc as I have many tattoos of my own and piercings but I just feel that I had to give that one up.
I'm unsure whether or not it will close up completely as I know a cousin of mine had the same piercing took it out and it hasn't completely closed up on the front.

Next things to get rid of is my stretcher. From my teen high school days when stretching your ears were cool I became a follower of the trend and stretched mine to 10mm.
I was thinking of taking my nose ring out too but not 100% that I want to get of that one. I know bubs would probably latch onto it and rip it out from my nose on a daily basis so maybe that one should go too.... One step at a time maybe ;)


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