Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Day 4 of sick feeling

This stomach pain can be so excruciating at times. I don't know understand how this can carry on all day. As soon as I wake up, in the middle of the day, end of day, before I go to sleep.... I googled it myself last night and saw all the negatives of it being ectopic pregnancies etc and started to scare myself.
Daniel being the goggle master he is had a search himself this morning and apparently it's completely normal as he saw feedback from yahoo questions that another lady got it all the time nonstop for the 3 months. Daniel also asked his mum. Who said that its signs of all the hormones and that it's a strong baby.
This little cherub that Daniel and I will be calling our son or daughter seems to like hurting Mummy :(

I didn't think it would be this much pain going through the first trimester. Couldn't we get cut a break seems we are going to push this huge thing out of us?

I've had my best friend on constant message dial asking a million questions and getting her advice on what I'm going through and confirming that everything is normal and what she experienced. It's really good to have someone who has recently had babies to give me the real story of it all and not sugar coat it for me like I have assumed it to be from everything they tell you.

My eating has just been bad and all over the place lately. Because of my sick feeling I don't really want to eat anything after I have lunch. For a split second it will change and ill feel like I can eat and then a second later I go back to feeling sick.
I have noticed that I've been wanting red meat more which I'm only usually a white meat eater with limited red meat intake.
As they say your body will tell you what it wants and I think sometimes I get confused with what I actually need and what I just feel like myself....


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