Monday, 14 January 2013

five:am - organic yoghurt

I recently discovered a new yoghurt which has made it's way to our weekly shopping list:

  five:am squeezy powerpak - banana 

Both Daniel & I are amazed at how the five:am powerpak banana yoghurt can taste so good with added acai and linseed.There was a few things that appealed to us when we came across five:am:
1. As I am now going onto 6 weeks pregnant I am trying to have as much natural/organic intake as possible.
2. The acai - which is a highly nutritious fruit that contains a stack of antioxidants. 
3. The linseed - high in omega 3 which is good for your hearts.
4. The packaging enables you to have this on the go - there is no need for a spoon, just rip the lid of and away you go. Would be good for those who run from meeting to meeting at work. 
5. Low Fat - I'm sure we are agreed with when we say if we can input something that will take a little less off those hips then we are all for it. 

Something that I personally really liked about this is the taste, I have always loved bananas but about 6 months ago when I started having stomach issues with food - bananas was something I cut out. With five:am's new powerpak banana yoghurt I can get to have banana back in my diet. 

We brought ours from Woolworths which retailed at $2.49 for a 200g pack. 
The flavors available in the squeezy range: vanilla, mixed berry, banana and blueberry.

As we grew to have this within our shopping trolley on a weekly basis we decided to try out some more of the brand - being pregnant means you have to limit your caffeine intake, I have taken this completely from my diet. I was a keen regular drinker of a iced coffee and being that I have taken this out of my diet I was a little sobbing kid when we walked past the ice coffee section at supermarkets... which lead me to trying their:

          five:am coffee bean smoothy

Let me tell you - this went down a treat!! It was smooth, it had a nice consistency of it still being a yoghurt based drink with the coffee taste in it. I liked that the coffee was also an organic mix and had natural flavours and color.  
It reads on the back 'our devine organic yoghurt smoothy...indulge without regret' This was without a regret that I purchased this. Allowing myself to have this as a treat and still get my coffee fix was a good decision made for this week. 

We brought five:am coffee bean smoothy from Woolworths for around $3.  

After further researching about five:am I found that they were a Australian owned and made company in Carrum Downs - I was intrigued as they are such a close local business to where I currently am residing part time in Mornington. I try to support Australian owned and made companies so that also came as a plus.

 Something I loved reading that ticked a lot of the criteria boxes for me that I have copied from their website below is:
'Our yoghurt is free from gluten, gelatine, preservatives and starches and has no artificial colours, flavours, stabilizers or sweeteners unlike other processed yoghurts. In fact, five:am has none of the fake stuff and a lot more real taste!' 

Interesting fact: five:am? (As taken from their website below):
'There is a philosophy for what we do - and we call it five:amness.
We believe you get a unique view of the world at 5AM - a sense of clarity rarely seen throughout the rest of the day.
True, many of us are still sleeping, but there are others who embrace this time as their own - to cycle, surf, do yoga or otherwise greet the new day with a purity of mind, body and spirit.
Our aim is to capture this 'five:amness' and bottle it - to allow you a 5AM moment of your own
- no matter what time of the day or night.'


To find out more about five:am and the great benefits you receive from their products take a look at their website: 


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