Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Taste Buds???

Being pregnant has definitely made me discover that my taste buds are no longer the same.
Everything tastes so weird, things that I loved taste different now. Things that I never wanted to eat before I crave now. I just had what I would probably label the worst lunch to record - grilled fish and scolloped potatoes - Grilled Fish had this awful batter on it. Scollaped Potatoes tasted like they had coconut cream in it and also had what was kind of raw onion... Did not go down well at all.

I still have a lack in motivation and haven't cooked in what seems forever. It's bad as I'm eating take out foods nearly every lunch and dinner - VERY BAD for me although it hasn't been chips and burgers the whole time, its been proper food. It's bad also on the pocket and needs to stop but in a way I'm a bit scared to cook - I fear the smell of the meat cooking will set me off into a chuck contest against myself.

Speaking of vomitting - last night was the first upbringing I had. Maybe this was inflicted from what I actually had during the afternoon/night. Iced Coffee didnt agree with me that was sure but I had a craving - had to have it didn't I? I think I downed it within seconds.
The feeling after vomitting was amazing - I just felt such relief from my stomach to have brought up what I had that night. I slept so much better as well after having a chat with my best friend who advised me staying on your left side was just an old wives tale and that she is living proof that you can be on any side but maybe try to be on your left when your further along in pregnancy.
Woke up this morning also feeling good and refreshed but now that its mid afternoon I have hit what seems to be a massive tired down wall and won't be able to get to bed until late as I will be doing an RSA course tonight - not that it is going to be benefiting my job that I am currently in but I like to have extras on my CV.


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