Thursday, 10 January 2013

Good Night Sleep.. FINALLY

Well I feel like I finally got a good nights sleep - even though I went to bed late at like 10:30pm (that is late for me haha). Alarm went off around 6am and I was fine to wake myself up and get out of bed. felt amazing! Thank God for this cool weather change allowing Miss. Preggas to get to sleep haha.

I'm going to catch up with a good friend for lunch today who I will be giving my good news too... very excited to let her know. I love telling people and them get excited with me.
It's good to be able to share with people and talk baby stuff.

This weekend I will be able to tell 2 other close friends my news... these are probably reactions that I fear at the moment, they are close friends who will give it to me honestly so I know I will be hearing all my concerns out allowed. They will only do it for they care for me so need to not snap back.

Daniel has made such a good move all on his own. He applied for 4 jobs earlier in the week ALL ON HIS OWN - was sooo proud of him and... HE HEARD BACK FROM ONE!! Yay!
Although it is not him actually getting a job he was given an amazing opportunity by an agency to recieve a Cert 3 in Warehousing - free of charge and if he falls into the top 50% of the class he will recieve a forklift licence for free. Was even more proud of him when he told me this, so happy for him! It's amazing news for us - someone is definitely looking out for us!
Daniel goes into register for the course tomorrow and will be in course training all next week - takes 5 days to complete the course.
This will give us a real move especially for Daniel gaining all the knowledge and the agency who put him into this course asked him to get back in contact with them once he finishes the course. Plus side of that agency is that they are based in Derrimut so right near where we are looking to move over too. Well not looking, are going to move over too if we can secure a place.


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