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New Blogger with Loads to spill

So I have been currently using Wordpress but decided to change over to blogger to continue on with my blogging journey about my first time pregnancy!

I currently left of having these posts if you would like to have a read of the start of my blogging which got me to where I will continue writing.... 

It has been a crazy time for me that I just haven't been able to get online and right about my test results and how I have been. Well... The results came back on Thursday 3rd Jan - appointment time of 4:45pm - didn't get into 5pm but results are.... POSITIVE!

I AM PREGNANT.... 4 weeks preggas, 4 weeks up the duff, 4 weeks with a tiny soul growing inside me!!

It was then that I think I started to get the excitement that I was going to be a Mummy and Daniel was going to be a Daddy. Straight away I thought how will I tell people - I wanted to tell them in unique ways - My Mum was going to be the one I put most effort into as I know she has been waiting for this day for a very, very LONG time. She has longed to be a Grandma for as long as I can remember.

Daniel & I put our heads together and come up with giving her a card that said Congratualtions Grandma with a photo of my 2 positive pregnancy tests but it came the day that we were leaving for Mum's and we hadn't printed the picture so on our 1.5-2hr hike to Gisborne we came up with how to say 'We are pregnant' in the card and this is what we came up with...

A card that had on the front 'A new little grandchild for you to love and adore' reading inside the card 'Just what you've been waiting for Congradulations Grandma'.

Detailed in the card Daniel & I wrote as if it was from baby -

"Dear Grandma,

My Mummy and Daddy have known about me for a few weeks now but as of Thursday 3rd January, 2013 I was doctor confirmed that I would be gracing this world within 8-9months (I am 4 weeks old now).

I look forward to meeting you and the rest of my family (Grandad, Aunties and Uncles).

Love Poppy"

(Poppy is what we have nicknamed bubs as we found out about baby when he/she was that size)

Mum probably got half way through the card and looked at us saying 'Are you pregnant?' she started tearing up and I knew if I didn't look away from her I would do the same. Dad was in the room at the same time and we feared his response probably the most - he just asked how old I was and didn't say much but seemed to not be too concerned/upset about it. Later on he warmed to us talking about baby dos and donts but I'll write about that when it came into the news to the familia.

Mum was soooo excited for us that I have never seen her jump from her chair so quickly to want to go tell the kids that she is going to be a Grandma. She gave us a hug and kiss saying Congrats.

About an hour afterwards the brothers had gone out and all the girls just so happened to be in the living room with Mum, Dad, Daniel & I. I let Mum spill the news this time by saying 'Mum has something to tell you guys'. Mum turned to them all saying 'I'm going to be a Grandma'.

They all weren't sure if they were getting there legs pulled or what, Katt said she had a feeling I was pregnant as I had downloaded pregnancy apps (We use the same iTunes account and she has her iTunes on automatic sync so therefore anything I download from iTunes goes onto her phone also - I did try to cover my tracks saying I thought it was be a funny prank to download them hoping Tyler - Katts bf who also shares the same iTunes would get them on his phone but that backfired as he wasn't on autosync)

CherryLee was the one who gave the weirdest, yet funniest reaction - she screamed - I'M NOT THE FIRST ONE TO HAVE A BABY - BOOH YEAHHH and did this jump in the air and kicked her legs and what seemed like fist pump the air haha! (Mum always said that she thought CherryLee would be the first pregnant - mind you at current she is 16 years old.)

Tarmeka - the youngest sister of them all didn't say to much but later that night as we were in the car to go get me snacks as I was being little piggy with my food haha (which I am allowed to be with this pregnancy, well what I can try to get away with and blame anyways ;P) I asked her is she was excited to be an Aunty and she replied Yes with a smile.

Next in line to here the news was the boys - they had all been out taking my Uncle home so when they all arrived they all came into the kitchen where Daniel & I were. Mum followed the boys in and I let her spill the beans with 'I'm going to be a Grandma' again - the boys were happy, they don't show much emotion towards these things so it was a that's cool. Tyler said Congrats and had a feeling that I was as well as for the incident with the pregnancy apps that Katt told him about.

Mum & Dad chatted with Daniel & I later about baby things - and how to look after myself during pregnancy - one main thing that stood out that I will share is that they both were strong felt about having what I want when I want, to always eat what I am craving and never starve myself of what I wanted.

The next day we all went over to my Older brother's new house where my other older brother and sister were so was great timing to be able to tell them my news too.

All 4 of them were happy (2 older brothers, 1 older sister & older brothers gf) – they took the news well.

Next in store we had Daniel’s familia to tell…

Daniel’s Nanna was away in WA and arrived back last night so he was keen to tell them both his Mum who was collecting his Nanna and herself when they arrived back at home last night. It was about 1am last night/early morning and I woke to a full pregnant bladder and Daniel not being in bed thinking he had gone to take his protein shake ready for bed but I heard talking downstairs and knew I was needing to be down there soon…  As we are in a 2 story house they must of heard my footsteps to the bathroom and I heard someone coming up the stairs – I knew it would be Daniel coming to collect me to celebrate the news with them all.

His Nanna gave me a big cuddle and was having a brandy to say cheers to us. She seemed over the moon excited saying she would be a Great Grandma and they would have a baby smithy soon, she was telling us how she was looking at baby clothes with her friend when she was away and thought the baby clothes were all so cute but she didn’t have any babys in the family to buy for (well she does now hehe).

His Mum later came in from outside and gave me a hug saying congratulations and was saying she was going to be a Grandma – she didn’t seem as excited as Daniel’s Nanna but I think shock was sitting with her.

Daniel later told me that Courtney (his 10 year old sister) face expressions when he told them all that she was excited – eyes popping out of the head and saying she was going to be an aunty.

It makes Daniel & I feel so much better to have had so many positive reactions to the news.

We are just entrusting that the selected close family and friends we have told keep it hush hush in our first trimester period.

My current status of pregnancy feelings is:

-          TIRED

-          TIRED

-          AND MORE TIRED!!

I am just nothing but tired right now… All I want to do is get a good nights sleep which between this hot weather, tossing and turning to get comfortable whilst trying to be on my left side most of the time, working full time, trying to study 2 different courses and having a weak pregnancy bladder.

This heat has been driving me insane as I can’t get to sleep and then by night time I am cranky and poor Daniel cops it all. He’s been such a darling about it all though – he asked me Monday night when it was 30 something degrees what he could do to help – me in my cranky states tells him to do something about the heat of the room and weather temps (like there is much he can do).


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