Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Could it be twins?

My symptoms are still acting up which has caused me great confusion with not knowing if it was the gastro or it is in fact the morning sickness.. or should I say all day sickness. 
Everyone sugar coats morning sickness and believe me it shouldn't be. It's horrible.
I even joked to Daniel the other day about maybe we stop at 1 or 2 bubs - whatever is in my tummy as the pain is horrible. 

I'm still struggling to eat anything at dinner time now. Last night it was 2 pieces of garlic bread and a few pasta shells. I am completely of chicken right now, it just doesn't interest me at all. I felt bad for not eating though as Daniel was so lovely and cooked dinner all by himself - I love when he cooks for us. I guess who doesn't like their man cooking for them right?
My portion size of meals have gone way down in size as to what I used to eat and it's hard to find things that I would be able to stomach, its become quite a challenge. 

A lot of people have joked with us about having twins as my symptoms have been really bad. Twins do run in the family on both sides so could be. Daniel & I are both secretly wishing that we do have twins, which would be a handful but so worth it. Daniel & I even got into a mini disagreement as to how we would take care of them as well and they aren't even here with us yet which makes me giggle thinking back on it. 
Daniel's Nana told us she had a dream that we had twin boys - WOW! Twin boys growing us, think I would be given a real ride haha. 
The below photo that I came across when I googled images of twins in the womb and this picture just made me sigh in 'awh' - it's amazing. I know this picture below may not be completely real and might be a made up one but it sure does make my heart skip a beat to think that this could be what is inside me. 


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