Thursday, 24 January 2013

Not getting better :(

This pain in my stomach is horrible!
Everyone sugar coats pregnancy up until you push the bubba out - no one tells the first trimester killer pains at all.
It's become over 2 weeks that I've had this pain & I'm getting so confused between the gastro and pregnancy symptoms right now. I spoke with another lady whose pregnant and she straight away said pregnancy morning sickness.
I don't know what to do. I'm sick of feeling like this :(
I have what seems like huge gas bubbles in my stomach which I can hear pop constantly in my stomach.

I had several occasions of dashing for the toilets today to want to vomit but nothing but dry reaching again :(
I'm barely consuming enough food so I think to bring anything up. I struggle hard to take in any food usually after around noon.

Although Daniel & I have said we want 4 kids.. Golly gosh it makes me think about wether I want to go through all this agains Ahh think of the positives Nikita, think of the positives.


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