Wednesday, 10 April 2013

18 weeks

So this is the usual week you start to feel some movement from bubba.
Daniel & I eagerly watch my belly at night time waiting to see something. Sometimes we see a bit of a wobble but we don't know if that's just my jiggy bits or its actually bubba moving.

This week I've still carried on the emotional stage - I think separation anxiety is something I developed with Daniel.
On Sunday night he was heading out to the shops being nice coz he wanted to go organize dinner and get a few necessaries from the shop. Daniel was about to walk out the garage door when I got upset and started crying. I got upset that he was going to leave me alone, that he didn't ask me to come... Then it escalated to all my other worries in the world that go round my head. The past few days have been rough on my emotions because I flew out to Sydney Wednesday night for work and this will be until Friday night that I'm away from Daniel this far apart. Even though Daniel & I have spent this same time apart before. I worried about him being by himself. For those of you who don't know the relationship of Daniel & I - we have been glued at the hip since day one of getting together. We pretty much lived with each other straight away and there probably is very minimal moments of the day that we are apart in our free time.

I'm currently blogging this post on the flight to Sydney- this is actually my first time on a plane! Kinda sucks in a that I'm flying for the first time on a plane for work. But in a way it's good... Expense paid for flight but with the conditions that I work for it haha. It was actually alright the take off... Stomach has churned quite a few times through the take off and in air.
Yet to experience the landing so lets hope it's not rough on the way down.
I'm experiencing neck and back pains and having problems with a cramping calf muscle but that has been there since last night.
Daniel was all worried about the flight with me being pregnant saying that I needed to get a 'pregnancy seat' so that I would have more room. Was very cute.

I have been pretty good with the vomiting this week, not vomiting that is. (Touch wood for me that I don't jinx myself). I've dry reached still a fair few times but it hasn't been as bad as when all these symptoms started.
I've stopped taking my morning sickness tablets as they made me taste so much ginger and I seemed to always throw them up in the morning. Maybe they weren't for me? Has anyone tried morning sickness tablets that you can buy over counter? What are your thoughts?

Coming back to finish the rest of my blog now seems that I got some reception unlike up in the air.
The landing was rough :( felt like the plane did a nose dive.

Anywho time to check off now for some pregnancy zzzz's.

Love Nikita & Bubs x


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