Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up

Looking for the perfect eyebrows in seconds??? Then read on in this post!!

At Salon Melbourne there was a stall there that I wasn't 100% on as I have never considered make up for my eyebrows. The attendant of the stall enticed me to get a trial done for the product - I ummed and arghed over the attendant getting close and seeing my untidy eyebrows but she was very good about the whole thing and made me feel comfortable.

At first I watched as my best friend got it done and when I saw the first eyebrow done I gave her the ewh nope lets go look and shook my head... after the attendant corrected and adjusted the eyebrow make-up to match up perfectly for her eyebrows and then completed the other eyebrow it looked good.

I then got mine done and was just loving it for the rest of the day!
I didn't want to take it off that night at all but me being someone who cares about a dirty make up face going to bed washed the face and got rid of it :(
I am so upset with myself that I didn't purchase this at the Salon Melbourne and was kicking myself the whole rest of the day and next day and still pretty much am.

Here is the shot of the transition... (sorry for the untidy eyebrows)
L - normal eyebrow without Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up
R- eyebrow with Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up

Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up gives you such definition to your eyebrows and makes them stand out - give them that perfect shape with the shadowing colour it adds to your eyebrow.

I stupidly forgot to take a picture of the complete end result but believe me the photos don't do justice and hopefully this has you eager to want to try the product out!!

Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up is available in 8 shades -
The attendant used Charcoal on me - I do have a olive tan like completion and my hair is a dark brown colour and the Charcoal eyebrow make-up worked well for me.

They recommend you use a minimal amount of powder when applying as more powder will make the colour more intense. If you are looking for a more intense colour then apply twice as much powder to the eyebrows.

Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Make-Up is RRP $42.00.

For more information on Christian Eyebrow Kits and which salons stock this amazing product - click the link below:


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