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Innoxa Skincare Value Pack - Super Sensitive

Gee was I a lucky girl to get to try out all these Innoxa Skincare - Super Sensitive Range!
I have never been a person to really use anything other then some water and moisturiser on my face as a daily protocol.
After trying the Innoxa Super Sensitive Range I know now why so many take more care of their face and especially if they use Innoxa. Innoxa is like the royal treatment with face creams.

At current Innoxa have these super special great deal packs that you can buy to suit your skin.
This is the one I used as I struggle with sensitive skin:
What a bargain!!
They also have 2 other packs that are called Thirsty Skin and Renew -

Here are the products up closer that I trialled out:

Review time:
Innoxa Super Sensitive Creme Cleansing Milk 150ml RRP $17.95.
This product is Step 1 - For best use wash face throughly with warm water and then apply a small amount and rub over your entire face, then wash throughly with warm water.
This product is specially formulated to gently yet throughly cleanse, soften and comfort delicate, easily irritated skin. This product is Dermatologically Approved. Fragrance Free. For All Sensitive Skins. Rich with essential nutrients and soothing herbal extracts.
My thoughts on the product:
Innoxa Super Sensitive Creme Cleansing Milk was defintely milk like - it was very runny and silky. This is a good thing for your face as it rubbed on easily but the bad thing to it was trying to contain the creme inside the container. The next morning when I opened the lid to use after first use it was all over the lid and running out of everywhere. You will be able to see a shoot of how I found the product above in the right hand side.
The creme comes out white and rubs into your skin clear which can be abit hard to know if you are covering all over. The creme has a clean sterile smell. After applying this creme my face felt a little taught but had a glossy look to it.
I wasn't so sure how this product should be used as it doesn't give very clear instructions on how best to use - it just stated that you should use with warm water. I just took this upon myself and thought of how else you would rub off treatments so I washed my face throughly with warm water also after application to my face. Apart from the creme running I am really happy with the product.

Innoxa Super Sensitive Restorative Eye Gel 15ml RRP $24.95.
This product is Step 2 - For best use apply after using Innoxa Super Sensitive Creme Cleansing Milk, applying a little to your finger tip as displayed above and warm between fingertips working outwards from the inner corners applying on your inner and outer lash line.
This product is specially formulated to help lift & tighten skin around the delicate eye area, whilst targeting lines, wrinkles and reducing puffiness.
My thoughts on this product:
I was a bit hesitant on using this as they always say you should never put anything close to your eyes and this gelwas going to be put right next to my eyeballs! This gel is gentle, non irritating, smooth, shiny and silk feeling. I definitely felt the effects of using this after a few days - my eyes felt tighter (in a good way), they were always big and brightly opened and got rid of that morning puffiness I would have with my eyes.
The only flaw I can point out on this product is I found it dried my eyes out a little more on the sides and caused that dry flaky sleep like discharge on the inner and outer part of my eye but that could be as it spreads on sticky.

Innoxa Super Sensitive Gentle Day & Night Creme 50ml RRP $27.95
This product is Step 3 - final step in the pack. For best use apply after using Innoxa Super Sensitive Creme Cleansing Milk, apply enough to the face to be able to cover your face with a thin layer of the creme. This Creme will stay on your face.
Innoxa Gentle Day & Night Creme is specially formulated to gently soothe, nourish and protect easily irritated, sensitive skin. Its ideal for those who prefer a richer texture, this creme delivers essential moisture and nutrients to the skin, whilst the added Dermaseal provides protection against environmental irritant and allergens. This product is Dermatologically Approved. Fragrance Free. For sensitive, Normal and Dry Skins. 
My thoughts on this product: 
It has a very distinct smell of that numbing stuff the dentists use but don't worry it doesn't numb your face! This product is non greasy and non oily, it rubs on smooth and disappears quickly. 
This product has been a replacement for just a standard moisturiser.

Thoughts of the Innoxa Super Sensitive range as a package:
Daniel actually commented that my face has cleared up quite a bit since using these products. 
I love the texture and the smells of all these 3 products. They feel good going on my face and leave my face feeling refreshed and clean. I feel like I'm actually doing something good with my skin and it definitely shows. 
I would recommend this to anyone who has sensitive or dry skin. I have been a long time sufferer of sensitive, dry skin and this product was amazing to use. I am going to be in forever debt to the Innoxa brand for bringing something so gentle on my sensitive skin. 

For more on the Innoxa products view their website link below:


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