Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bad Baby Brains

At 17 weeks pregnancy close to nearly 18 on Saturday, I think that I am the biggest baby brains going around. In one ear and out the other within minutes I forget what I was doing, why I went where I did, what I was talking about and how I made it to somewhere haha!
I'm not the only one who is saying I'm suffering baby brains. Alot of my close circle people say so as well... Work colleagues the most as I spend so much time with them.

Yesterday I was specifically making a trip down to the clothing alteration shop at lunchtime, my pants that needed altering - I get up grab my purse and phone about to walk out of work - CRAP! They're back at my desk! (forget 1) I then get into the shops am walking around and then - SUGAR! I left them in the car! (forget 2).
Unbelieveable of me!!

Tuesday night I was cooking dinner and ended up dishing food up to my belly instead of the plates - literally spooned it to my stomach - that isn't baby brains at all - have no idea what that is called haha! Maybe bubs wanted the food directly.

This weeks cravings have been all about tomatoes - everyday I think of a massive bowl of tomato wedges with a stack of salt & pepper on them!! Drove to the shop yesterday to specially buy tomatoes. Was a happy moment knowing I have them there to access easily haha!

We finally moved into our new home on the long Easter weekend - Hope you all had a nice Easter break by the way.
Muscle pains and aches through the back, butt and legs got brought on from it all. No heavy lifting was done but bending over, standing on my feet and sitting in the car for ages did the trick for all those nice pains that came over my body.
It made me feel very eldery having all this stiffness and made it very hard to walk. Luckily it has now gone - please don't come back!!

When we went to collect the house keys last Thursday I had this weird sensation in my stomach, got me very confused as to whether we might have experienced our first kick but I haven't felt it since so maybe it wasn't the real thing.

Daniel & I get sent a weekly update from the Huggies website about our baby changes and my changes and read we should be feeling movement soon!! More so towards 18weeks if it's the first one as you don't really know what you are looking for.
My belly hasn't really popped much yet but when I looked in the mirror I did notice a little baby bump coming through - YAY!!

My hormones have been coming through way differently - I'm just emotional most of the time haha! Nearly brang a blubberfest to my loungeroom over last nights Home and Away episode with Romeo leaving Indi to die. By the way - Bad call for Romeo's exit H&A creaters, very dissapointed! Horrible way to kill him off the show!!


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