Tuesday, 16 April 2013

19 weeks preggas

Baby belly where are you??? This is what I am currently saying to myself every time I see my reflection. When will this baby belly come out and when will my bulging fat belly change into this round watermelon!
As I am a bigger frame then most girls it's normal for me not to show until later down the track... I think I have developed a little bit at the moment, what do you think?

Last week I was interstate for work and was just so home sick I think, well maybe bubba was just missing his/her daddy because every hour I would wake up to check the time and couldn't fall to sleep easily at all. This bed was amazingly done and so comfy but just not a good nights sleep was granted to me :(
I've found that motion to my body can make me quite ill. The taxi ride from our head office in Sydney to the airport was the worst ever!! Took an hour and 15 mins - going over a trillion speed humps and around a bazillion corners just took it's toll on bubs & I. Didn't help that we were both hungry as ever! As soon as we arrived at the airport and walked for a bit to the terminal it was race time to the toilet bowl! This was a disgusting feeling, I was just ready to go home and get out of there. A flight back after a full crash course for IT and a peak hour traffic ride to the airport with a peak hour flight on a Friday is highly not recommended to anyone pregnant. 

I started also getting these hot flushes off and on in Sydney... I feel like a heater at times and Daniel comments that I'm like a hot water bottle next to him which is going to be a good thing as it's approaching winter and he can just snuggle at night time. 
I've noticed that I also am starting to spread out in bed and continuously move around at night. A queen size bed is doing for bubs, Daniel & I anymore, think it's time to invest in a King Bed - ah the room ;P

I still haven't felt movement from bubs yet... no kicks yet. And it's hard to tell when Daniel & I have little staring competitions with my belly as to who will move first if my belly is actually moving and jiggling on it's own or if it is my heart beat pulsing my belly. 
For those who are pregnant/have been pregnant - when did you feel your baby for the first time?

Today marks 1 week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes or 604,800 seconds till we get to see our bubba again after a long wait from the 10 week scan. We also get to find out the sex... that's if bubba is a good boy/girl for mummy and daddy and shows us whats between there legs. 

It is said that at 19 weeks baby can really hear you and your voice and it's the perfect time to start chatting to them. I wonder if baby is in there moving it's mouth and trying to talk back to us when we speak to him/her.
Daniel has been talking to baby for a very long time since the early days of pregnancy. When we first moved into our first home together Daniel actually spoke to the baby that night and told baby where we were and that this was our new home which we will have him/her in. Was one of those cute pregnancy moments that I will remember forever. 


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