Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Robomaid - Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robomaid is Mother's Day Shopping done and dusted! Robomaid is the answer to all our mothers prayers!

Robomaid is a robot vacuum cleaner that automatically runs it way around your house. Imagine no fights in the house when the younger siblings are told to help out with the chores on the weekends?
Imagine Mum being so much more relaxed knowing that she can get the housework done in half the time and sneak in the cheeky Days Of Our Lives soapie before anyone gets home? 

Robomaid is made cordless so there is no more running around the house trying to find spare power sockets, no more tripping over the cord and pulling the cord out. 
Robomaid doesn't require bags as it is a bagless system!

Something which made me love Robomaid even more upon my learning of this smart little machine is that it uses up to 20 times less energy than the everyday standard vacuum cleaner. Meaning it's 20 times cheaper to run!! Who doesn't want Mum saving there pennies and putting it to something more worthy like yourself??? 
This is a key point that you should consider when considering a vacuum cleaner and Robomaid ticks the box is energy saving especially in the times that we are facing in Australia for our electricity rates. 

How does Robomaid work and know how to navigate itself around?
'Using sophisticated sensor technology to navigate its way around the home, Robomaid can save households hours of cleaning and lugging heavy vacuum cleaners around.  But while busy mums juggle a hundred things at once, Robomaid won’t rush; ensuring a thorough, well-done job each time.  Vacuuming for up to an hour and covering up to 100 square metres each session, it is designed to automatically adapt to a home's layout and furniture, while overlapping its path multiple times to ensure no spot is left unclean.

Requiring zero effort, an automatic timer can be set to ensure Robomaid vacuums while everyone is out.  Households won’t need to worry about a thing.  A shock absorbing bumper along with 28 in-built sensors will ensure that there won’t be a single scuff or mark on walls or furniture and a unique ledge detector will ensure there are no nasty tumbles down the stairs!

Smarter than a smartphone, Robomaid’s virtual wall accessory allows sections of the home to be sectioned off and sends out a signal preventing it from crossing into areas that don’t require cleaning, making it perfectly safe for pets and children.  With all that additional, care-free vacuuming, floors can be dirt and dust free making homes a sanctuary for allergy sufferers.'

To watch videos on how Robomaid went in the house, please click into my youtube uploads below:

But wait there is more.... Robomaid isn't just your vacuum cleaner it can also do the mopping for you also! This would be a great thing to set when you are out for the day let it vacuum and mop the house and come home to the 2 most time consuming jobs done! Robomaid has a section under her that can have a microfibre cloth attached having the cloth damp for mopping or dry for polishing. 

'At the end of each session Robomaid will automatically park itself back on it's docking station and recharge itself when the battery is low, it’s that simple – now that’s a pretty smart cleaner.'

After having Robomaid in my house I definitely think this a good valued machine. The only thing I could fault is that because it is so round it can't get right into the corners and edges of the house - this can be easily fixed by whipping out the normal vacuum cleaner and do a quick run around. 
Be careful as well for any cords that Robomaid cord may get stuck on as she runs around vacuuming for you.

I loved that Robomaid was able to navigate itself around and constantly know's its distance between itself and the walls. I also loved that Robomaid has a bumper that doesn't scuff or mark the walls and just bounces back off it if it hits the wall. 
Robomaid is just a smart little machine that functions like a human - knowing the distance between itself and another object, by returning to its dock station. It behaves as if it has lived in the house for years and knows exactly how to get around the house. 

My partner Daniel said 'It's the pet we aren't allowed to have'. As soon as Robomaid arrived we both followed it around like no tomorrow so intrigued at how this machine works without you having to use a remote to guide it. Daniel found later on that you can actually control the Robomaid also by the remote and then the fun really began for him - Robomaid then became his best friend as he controlled it around like a remote control car. 

Robomaid is at a RRP of $399.
For more information on Robomaid and to purchase her go to:


  1. Laughed at the part where you mentioned: "sneak in days of our life's before the kids get home" haha totally mum

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