Monday, 15 April 2013

American Crew Ultramatte

Daniel was over the moon to have something sent for him to trial. He sees all these things that I get to try and always gets upset that he gets nothing in the mail.
When the American Crew Ultramatte came in - he was over like a little kid in the toy shop!

American Crew is the official supplier to men taking the world by storm, with luxury cars & high-end electronics all offering new matte finishes - American Crew is bringing the trend to men's hair care with its new American Crew Ultramatte which is a medium hold fixative with no shine as it has a matte finish.
It moisturizers improves hair health, protection against UV rays and adds thickness.
It's been designed to stand up to all the elements, so you get looks that last.

Best directions for use is: applying a little bit to your fingertips and style into damp hair for desired style. Brushing through once dry to activate matte finish.

We personally didn't brush through with a hairbrush, Daniel just used his fingertips as a brush.

Daniel & I put this to the test by making him have the window open on a not so warm day for him as we drove through windy conditions for a couple of minutes and it stayed in perfect shape.

This product we were very surprised with as it wasn't sticky at all.... Who can honestly say they have a hair product that isn't leaving your hands sticky and needing to wash those mitts have styling?
This would be the perfect on the go hair styling product for men that they can whack in for styling in the car at the lights or as they run out the door.

The smell of the product is like a fresh lightly fragranced soapy smell. Doesn't have the overpowering strong smell like most hair holding products do.

It comes out in this amazing glowing gloss white cream that is just very silky to touch and smooth out into your hair.

The great thing about the long lastingness of this product is that it didn't flake over time. There is nothing more that I hate then seeing white flakes from the hair products in people's hair making them look as if they have the worst case dandruff in history!
With American Crew Ultramatte you'll be more then happy with the results!!

This product retails at $25.95 and is available exclusively at leading salons nationally.

For more information on American Crew products go to the website below:


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