Monday, 4 February 2013

Never Ending

Week 9 and this morning sickness is at peak still. This weekend it has really gotten to me and got me all emotional. I have broke down a few times in little fits of tears as I feel like I can't take it anymore. 
Daniel has been great saying I'm the strongest woman he knows and comforting me when I get into these emotional states. 
Yesterday I was stressing over finding the phone chargers and he had to come over and grab me to say 'calm down it's alright we'll find it. ' I just get so worked up lately over nothing. 

These 'morning sickness' symptoms are kicking into my normal meals that I should be having and not allowing me to eat much real food. I feel like I'm not doing a good job and depriving baby but I can't stomach the real food, I try to get it down but after a few bites I just can't.
But yet it's funny how the chocolate, lollies and other junk food can go down so easily :(

It's a week today until we have our first scan! I am sooooo excited! Hoping we see twinnies in their but as long as we have 1 strong healthy heartbeat we will be pleased. Seeing baby will probably make me realise I've got to conquer through and make it all worth it. 

Baby Daddy Daniel has taken this on all so well. He kisses my belly and talks to baby already. He even told babies off before for hurting Mummy and making her feel sick lots. He's adapted so well. 


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