Thursday, 1 August 2013


I have a lot of things to be thankful for. Thankful for my loving family who care very much about me. Thankful for my beautiful friends who care about me. Thankful for my amazing partner who cares very much for me also. Thankful to have good health and have a blessing growing inside me whose due to come out in 6 weeks. 
I'm thankful that I was lucky enough to walk away from a really bad car accident yesterday with a few sore body aches and a few scratches. I'm thankful that I'm still here and alive getting to live my life. 
Someone was really looking out for me yesterday. 

I am due to go on maternity leave on the 16th of August and was on my way to work yesterday morning ready to have my second day with my replacement for maternity leave. I had my dads car as he was taking mine in to be repaired. 

I can remember something's so clear as day. Waiting at the lights on corner of Barrie's & Coburns Rd - funnily enough the light were going amber for my direction to go when I arrived but I stopped waiting for the next set of lights... If I had gone then on that amber/very close red - would this whole accident been avoided or would it just be me who would of been avoided in that accident. 

The night before I was saying to Daniel 'I missed Masterchef, now I don't know who got eliminated' and as I was sitting at the lights I remember the radio saying 'eliminated constant Vern will be chatting with us shortly' and was thinking it my head gosh wow Vern, he was so good on their and the one to beat and then I remember having a green arrow to turn right onto Coburns Rd to get onto the fwy but I never made it into Coburns Rd... I entered into the middle of the road and it was seriously like the ads you see on TV, they show them exactly like it happens. I look in the corner of my eye and see this massive 4WD VW right in my drivers side and I said to myself 'holy sh*t'. The guy driving hit right into my drivers side door, t-boning me. I was trying to brake and steer the wheel as I was being slided and pushed into oncoming traffic that we going straight onto coburns Rd - I could see I was heading straight for the oncoming cars, light poles on the strips and the houses. I was screaming in fear of what was going to happen. The car was completely locked up and it was doing everything it's self from then on and I ended up going head on into a stationery car who was going straight waiting for lights at the red lights. I hit that car and my car stopped air bags had gone off, car was smoking up and there I was scream crying in fear of what just happened and worrying mostly about if my unborn baby in my stomach was still there. 
I remember trying to get myself out the drivers side, shaking completely trying to get my door open but it was jammed. 
The last from the house where we crashed out front of came running out and straight to me in the car asking me if I was alright and to calm down take deep breaths as I was still in hysterics, i keep saying I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant. I remember fuzzy images of other people standing around my car on the drivers side and the lady was asking me can you feel your legs, can you move them - it took awhile for me to find out if they were but luckily I could feel and move them. She was trying to get me out the drivers side but couldn't. The drivers side door wasnt opening at all. 
Their was smoke coming up from the dash and I was inhaling so much of it. 
The guy who hit me came to the passenger side door moving the chair back and helped me get out that way. I only had one shoe on, I couldn't find the other one. 
The driver who hit me was apolozing several times and I just kept saying its alright (I'm usually someone who always airs my thoughts and feelings and would of normally gone off my head but I handled myself pretty well with him. It maybe I knew we all make mistakes and I can only imagine putting myself in his shoes and how bad he felt).
When I got out he asked me how far pregnant I was and in response I was trying to say 6 weeks left but said 36 weeks instead by accident.
The lady from the house jumped into the car and searched for my missing shoe which was jammed underneath the pushed in parts of the car under the steering wheel. 
I was still teary and the lady who came from the house was comforting me and was really good calming me down and advising me of what I need to be doing which was calling Daniel. 
I had so much going through my head that it really is a case of being senseless. I was thinking of my dad and how his car was just ruined. I was waiting for bubs to make movements and I just assumed that police etc had been called. 

I rang Daniel and starting up again with being upset and crying. 
Daniel was very assertive on the phone and very concerned, he was there within 10 mins to be with me. 
Whilst I waited for Daniel, all of us drivers involved in the incident and the lady from the house were discussing what had happened and the other driver who I went head onto was asking how far along I was and I then was able to correct myself to the driver who hit me that I was 34 weeks. 

When Daniel got there he made me call an ambulance to ensure we have bubs still. I wasn't in the right head space understandably so it was good to have people who cared even the lady didn't know me from a bar of soap helped remind me what I should be doing. 
Daniel rang my family and told them not to be alarmed as I'm fine but I've been in a car accident and they all came down with what seemed a few minutes when they live 20 minutes away. 
Daniel then rang my work to advise I wouldn't be in. 
He was really good and I couldn't of functioned any better without him there.

The ambulance turned up and just before my family arrived and they checked me over, I was just so concerned for baby saying I need to be checked and then it was the decision to go in the ambulance to hospital or just take myself there. I really hated taking up there time and was thinking this is wrong of me I shouldn't being taking up ambulance time but the ambulance lady recommended I go with them and its probably best I did so I was moved through emergency quicker. 

The hospital nurse admitted me in wrong and put me down for a sore ankle which I  did have but wasn't why we came in. 
After being in an emergency room for what seemed like forever we could hear them looking into a person who came in with there foot run over and Daniel and I were getting archy over them fussing over him regardless that his came in first but because we didn't know the status of our unborn baby. Daniel then caved in and went to the nurses station and said something which the nurse was very rude to him when Daniel said how long until we see something, she replied 'how long is a piece of string?' Then Daniel says I don't know if my unborn baby is dead or alive and then she goes 'woh, who are you?' With Daniel replying I'm her partner, room 6. The nurse looked at the computer and said submitted for ankle pain to Daniel responding with um no we haven't had movement from our baby since the accident. She then said we'ld be next. Within a minute we had a nurse come in to check bubs heart rate which she said was normal, relief was given to us and were we over the moon that our baby girl was still there. 

I've been so unsettled still since the accident.. Even found myself yesterday in the supermarket in the afternoon cringing and jumping at people coming out of isles nearly smacking into me. 
I'm finding myself randomly thinking of the accident and seeing flashes in my mind and it gets me all upset over again. 

I'm just so lucky that I am still on this planet. Still alive to live my life. Baby is still alive and we're going to have a future still! 

I really want everyone to take a look into there driving and how much attention they pay to the road whilst driving. 
What happened to me yesterday I never wish upon anyone ever, it's a horrible thing to go through. 

By writing this post I am not looking for sympathy nor wanting attention for it. I simply just want to get this off my chest and maybe it will stop the reoccurrence in my head and help me to get past it all. 

Car who hit me- 

Car I ended up going head on into- 

The aftermath of my dads car which I was driving - 

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  1. Oh dear. Hope you're okay... They say that Holden cars have a good safety factor. I hope that was true in this case.


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