Friday, 15 February 2013

Happy Belated Valentines Day

 Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day yesterday even to those who are single - hope that man/lady who has had his/her eye on you sent you something nice. 

I must admit I was the bad one on Valentines Day yesterday and didn't do anything. Although I got Daniel an expensive watch a few weeks ago and said it's for many occasions to come (hahah a bit cheeky of me ;P). I didn't do anything for the day no card, no cute stuffed animal etc..
Daniel & I went down for breakfast and then we were having a little bicker over who didn't get anyone anything and Daniel continued to play the I can't believe you didn't get me a card and I responded with the same to him as I didn't receive anything right in the morning. 
Daniel finished his breakfast and went upstairs and I followed behind a few minutes later only to find a card and a present on the bed for me. Now I felt really bad!! 
Daniel got me Lancome Miracle perfume which I have always loved and wanted to get more of it and a cute heartfelt card. 

Later that day when we went out shopping I got him a card and a stuffed puppy dog that said Love U. Even though he said it was too late and he couldn't accept them - I knew he still wanted them and admitted at the end of the night that it was still better late then ever.


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