Monday, 18 February 2013

Pregnancy Status

Today we are 11 weeks and 2 days. I feel so completely over being pregnant! I know what am I sooking for I'm not even half way there?! But I just want this baby to pop out already and be done with. I hate feeling sick and having all these symptoms. I'm told to hang in their as it gets better and is exciting...

It's currently a 35 degree day and I am just thinking that I am so lucky not to be heavily pregnant. I do not cope with the heat at all and you could consider myself a heat grump! I don't like the cold, I don't like the hot heat... I'm that fussy one who wants it just in between with sun and cool temp... but we live in Melbourne - like that is very often!!

We are in a 2 story house at the moment and the heat upstairs in our room is just so unbearable. We get the hot afternoon sun come through the windows and it's just a scorcher! Sometimes you would be better off being outside then inside the house! I definitely know that when we get a place it needs to be with AIR CON! A must have!!!

 I haven't had any weird cravings at all, just wanting the normal food. I still am having trouble trying to eat after lunch with dinner being the biggest struggle of all. I try to eat the complex carbs which seems to be okay on my stomach. Although I must admit for the past few days it has not been healthy eating at all.
Is there anyone out their who can recommend some pregnancy healthy foods that they enjoy eating throughout their pregnancy 'morning' sickness?
Would love to get some ideas from you all.

I have been having bad dreams lately and read that it was common. Last night's was a bad one of being chased by zombies and them hurting people... You might say too much watching 'The Walking Dead' and you are probably right - that's what my partner also said haha! 
What are your thoughts on dream catchers? Do they work for you pregnant or not pregnant?

I have also been sneezing alot lately also. It always happens in 2's and I always get a runny nose in the mornings. Daniel & I had a little google search and it gave us some good answers as to why this occurs in pregnancy and that it is completely normal. They say it's common in pregnancy and is usually within the first trimester - well that's me and that it is given the name of 'Pregnancy Rhinitis'.
Have a look at the website if I described you at current too:

There is so many changes and things that you are like ah is that normal and is this right?
Google has become even more of a best friend whose on speed dial for Daniel & I. 

Love Nikita x


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