Friday, 8 February 2013

First real 'Morning Sickness' morning

Well I can officially say that I had my first real 'morning sickness' action happen this morning.
I knew this morning that as soon as I started making my way through the cupboard as to what I was going to have for breakfast that I felt off. My oats that I have with little chocolate bits was left to about 2 tablespoons, not enough to feed a pregnant lady! I decided to mix in some healthy quick oats... EWH! Bad mistake had a little bit of that and couldn't bare to stomach anymore so in the bin that went. 
Daniel didn't want me to leave the house without putting something proper into my body so back I went scrummaging through the fridge and cupboard. I decided to try get down some yoghurt... half a tub later I had enough and threw that out. 
Then it all started rumbling in the tummy. I started to dry reach first and then I wanted to go to the bathroom to spit but more then that came out. The tears were flowing and my stomach was out of control, I was just vomiting with no control over what was going on in my belly and throat. It hurt so bad to have what felt like to me my stomach in my mouth with someone forcing everything out of me inside out. 
Daniel was very supportive their with me rubbing my back and saying positive things once again. He has been such a cherub, always wanting to help me out and asking what he can do.
He even gave me another 40 min back rub last night. Soooo amazing! 


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