Monday, 4 February 2013

BYS Face - Foundation, Powder & Bronzer


BYS is also another daily product for me. I have been using BYS make up for about 3+ years now for my facial products. 


I have light tanned skin and found it hard to find foundations to suit my skin tone until I found BYS Matte foundation.
This product's RRP is $9.95 for a 30ml glass pump bottle. 

I personally like liquid foundation as it goes on easier and stays longer. 
BYS made a good thing when they developed their foundation into Matte. 

BYS have Matte foundation in tones of: 
Medium Beige, Natural Beige and Sand Beige. 
I use Medium Beige. 

It rubs on so smoothly and blends really well with their BYS pressed powders which I also use BYS pressed powder that is of a lighter color to blend into my skin around the neck where I finish off my BYS Matte foundation. 

Left: Applied BYS Matte foundation on skin.

Right: Rubbed in BYS Matte 
foundation on the skin.


Above is the color selection of the pressed powders. This is what I use to blend in the BYS Matte foundation into my natural skin tone color around the neck area and on the nose which is that T zone area that where my make up usually wears off quicker. 
BYS Pressed Powder comes in: #1 Light, #2 Medium & #3 Dark.

BYS Pressed Powder RRP is around $4.95 for a 7g Powder Compact. They are in a flip top case.

BYS describe their pressed powder on their website below:
'These BYS pressed powder compacts are smooth and lightweight so they glide on easily. They are great for achieving a sheer look or easily layered for heavier coverage and a flawless finish. It has a subtle shimmer effect.'

BYS Pressed Powder also have Bronzing as a color selector for those shinners (cheek bones). As mentioned above I have lightly tanned skin so I can pull off the dark bronzer with it looking naturally nice. BYS Pressed Powder #1 Bronzing is also retailed at $4.95 also in a black flip top case. 

I stand by BYS as they are the affordable make up solutions. Why pay double the price for your make up needs when you can pay half the price for what I would consider as BYS do the job better. 

I get all my BYS products from our beloved affordable one stop shop KMart.

BYS don't only stock facial make up, they have a huge range of products from nail polish, lip glosses, eye shadows, foundations, body bronzers etc.

Check out BYS range at


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