Friday, 15 February 2013

First PR contact

I am so very excited to tell you all my news...
I have just been emailed by a PR group who I will be trialling a product for - this will be for a new hair care range that will be hitting Australia & NZ shores!!

I will be trialling a product that is a Thermal straightening and Keratin smoothing system that you can do at home!! 
Now who out their has curly, frizzy, unmanageable, mind of its own, wavy hair and dies to have straight hair or spends hours straightening their hair before leaving the house?? I think I could just imagine how many of you all would put your hands up!!
I too feel the pain of wanting to cry or cut off all my hair when I can't control my bad hair days.

Stay tuned for my review on this product - as this will take a while to trial I will separate this review into a few different blogs so make sure you follow me or bookmark my blog so you can get updated on this product. And for those who are first in best dressed to my viewing my blogs I will have some free samples also for you to give a trial and report into me. 

Look forward to hearing all your opinions and have you take on this mini journey with me in the battle of my hair. 

I have attached two photos of myself below with what my hair is currently at - I naturally have wavy, frizzy and knotty hair when it's natural... keen to start this journey with you all.

Love Nikita xoxo


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