Friday, 22 February 2013

6am sickness

Exactly as this blog title says... this was this morning for me :(

I had nothing at all in my stomach - no breakfast yet and the vomiting came on out of no where. 
Sorry if you are queezy on the stomach but it was this solid yellowy orange color fluid that came up. 
I googled this and people say its normal for on an empty stomach as the acid is coming up... may I say that was one of the most horrible vomits to record.
The taste left in my mouth was just disgusting!

Daniel was to the hero as always rubbing my back and holding my hair back. 
He was such a sweetheart and disappeared whilst I was getting ready for work and he came back with toast for me.
Such a cutie!! Very blessed to have someone who looks after me this much. <3

Have an awesome Friday all :) 

Nikita x 


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