Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Matrix: Total Results Sleek Lisse Iron Smoother & Silk Wonder Hair Care

Matrix have to be hands down one of the best smelling brands out.
Prior to straightening my hair or any styling I will pop these products into my hair.
They just smell unreal - I can't even describe the smell to you, you'll just need to check them out. All I can say is it's a clean and refreshing sort of smell.

Matrix Iron Smoother is something I spray into the section of my hair that I am going to straighten and then brush it throughout.
Matrix state on the bottle that it protects against heat damage of up to 204c as well as the humidity. Being ideal for unruly, medium to coarse hair.

Matrix's Iron Smoother key ingredients are as taken from their website:
Silk amino acids help strengthen hair with the building blocks of proteins.   
Dual Styling Polymers provide strong control and hold for smooth definition.  
Silicone adds glossy shine and slip for easy flat-ironing glide.

If you are a person who straightens your hair regularly this will be an awesome product to take care of your hair preventing heat damage that will possibly leave you with split ends.

I picked my Matrix Iron Smoother up from Hairhouse Warehouse for around $20.
You will also come across some Hair Salons which will also stock this product.

Matrix Silk Wonder is a huge favorite!! This little bottle of silk smoothing oil works wonders!
I use this after straightening or styling my hair just to get those fly away pieces down (smoothing) and even just to add a beautiful smell to my hair. I put a little drizzle on a finger tip and then rub it onto my other finger tips and then run them throughout my hair mainly on the bottom parts of your hair.

It is a very lightweighted oil treatment but when you bring the oil out and onto your fingers it is an oil product so be cautious it may run away if you are not quick with it. It appears in this orangey color. It absorbs quickly into your hair and leaves no residue.
I've used this both on wet and dry hair and had the same results.

Matrix's Silk Wonder key ingredients are as advised on their website:
Shea Butter moisturizes from root to tip to give hair silky luster.                                                                                                                     
Olive Oil penetrates evenly from root to tip to soften, smooth and condition hair.

I also got my Matrix Silk Wonder from Hairhouse Warehouse and this cost around $25.

To further find out about either of these 2 products or what else Matrix have to offer you click the link below to their websites:

If you are in Australia go this link below as they have an nifty little 'Find a Salon' app that allows you to type in your details to find someone who stocks these.
As these are a hot product best to call ahead maybe and see if this product is in for you :)


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