Tuesday, 26 February 2013

12 weeks

Saturday the 23/2/2013 marked 12 weeks for us.
I'm hoping I start to feel better soon. I can already feel a little bit of a difference with me being able to stomach food for dinner now but I feel as if the mornings have gotten worse. I can only have 1 piece of toast just to line my stomach and ensure I don't vomit. I still dry reach quite a bit and that really drives me insane.

The people that know about our pregnancy have been asking me why I haven't had the 12 week scan done - but I think regardless of the how bubs is it won't change a thing for us.
If we have been given a child whose mentally challenged or physically challenged it was meant to be that we could look after that child and we would love them no less.
I think that if I found out now that our child had something wrong with them if would make me upset and maybe depressed for the rest of the pregnancy as I would be questioning myself as to what went wrong.
What are your opinions on the 12 week tests and scan?


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