Monday, 11 February 2013

Baby's First Mug Shots

So here he or she is- our strong little poppy. That's right only one, no twins. Just one little jellybean that is causing it's Mummy a lot of pain. Seeing our baby for the first time has really made it worth all the pain that I have been going through and makes me have that motherly urge to get through this. 
Still undecided as to wither I will go back for more haha. 

The doctor was right and we have been on the right track week path since day 1 really. Although we are 4 days more then expected at least it wasn't less than we thought. 

The first scan was a bit weird for me as I've never had an ultrasound for me. I was a bit funny about having a male do my ultrasound but he was really good and made it okay for me. I was scared to pull up the top and show my belly which has stretch marks galore on their but really they barely are looking at your belly not even when they are rolling the sonogram around they are doing it without having to look at your stomach - their hand leads and their eyes are on the screen the whole time, so those new mums we are a bit freaked about the first scan - stress less!

Today brought happiness that is absolutely priceless. To see your creation in your belly is amazing. It's just breathtaking.


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