Monday, 26 August 2013

37/38 Weeks Pregnant & Baby Bunting Overhaul

From going by my first given due date I would be 38 weeks + 2. But seems the date was changed by the docs, midwifes etc I am only 37 weeks + 4.

It's funny as I have gone into this mood of trying all these old tales of how to get your baby out faster and bring on labour. 
I had a mini scare again on Saturday night thinking I was going into labour as bubs was moving around so much in my stomach, I had weak legs and sharp as pains down there - FALSE ALARM.

Daniel & I find ourselves more and more talking to bubs in the belly trying to coax her out. Daniel even came up with the idea of enticing her with the food she likes (that I seem to crave or eat more of in pregnancy) by leaving a trail for her. I just had to laugh - the crazy things that come to your head when you get desperate. 

Hot showers, hot food, lots of walking, keeping active and busy, sitting upright always so there is pressure down there with her pushing on it... Trying them all! I know everyone will say bubs will come when she's ready but there is no harm in giving her some assistance and a push along is there? haha! 

I feel like my body is just so weak now. I'm feeling fatigued, muscle aches and pains more then ever now and when I get myself lying down on the couch or in bed- I just simply cannot get myself up for two reasons...
1. Because I just can't pick myself up with the baby belly and 2. Because I just don't have the energy to want to get up again, my body tells me no just stay here. 

As you may have read in my previous pregnancy posts I was worried about my hips when it comes to pregnancy as I have them pinned from a sporting accident when I was in primary school causing the ball in my hip to separate from its socket. 
It seems that I am experiencing hip pain now... now I don't know if this is a normal thing that everyone goes through in pregnancy as your hips are probably widening and getting your prepared for child birth but it worries me that it could be because of my hips. Guess I will need to chat with my midwife on Thursday's appointment about it. 
Dan & I were discussing it last night and Dan said it maybe that its time to get bubs out as it's too much for me on my hips as she's a heavy bubba. 

Baby at last scan of 33 weeks
Dan & I both miss our little darling very much! It's been ages since we last saw her through a scan! It's amazing how much you can miss and love someone you have never met before. 

Dan & I went for a final shop of what we needed to get our little miss yesterday at Baby Bunting - my gosh! Have you ever seen so many pregnant women anywhere??!! I think everyone has decided to give birth at the same time as me! When Dan & I went into a furniture store afterwards the shop assistant was commenting on how many pregnant women their is right now, which I completely have to agree with... Christmas babies I say... but our little darling wasn't a christmas baby ;P 
After spending about 30-45minutes in Baby Bunting - Dan & I managed to rack up close to a $400 dollar bill at the end! My gosh!! 
We made our last needed purchases of:

    • Car reverse mirror for bubs to see herself and for me to be able to check on her whilst driving easily. 
    • Medela Swing Electric breast pump - most expensive thing ever but it came highly recommended from a lot of people so I am just hoping this works for me. 
    • Cradle mattress protectors x2
    • Play activity mat
    • Cradle sheets
    • Airwrap Mesh for her cot so no little hands & feet can slip through and cause her to possibly wedgy herself in the cot bars.

Currently I am loving my coupons, vouchers, discounts, deals etc and put myself to the test here as well which I would love to share with you all. 
I did all my research online to compare prices of all the items I needed and wanted. Here are my savings:

Car Reverse Mirror- Full price: $20.00 on special for $16.00 - saving of $4.00
Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump- Full price: $249.00 on special for $225.00 with a bonus 3 pack Medela bottles valued at $24.95 - saving of $48.95
Cradle Mattress Protectors- Full price: $14.95 on special for $10.00 - saving of $9.90
Play Activity Mat - Full price : $99.00 on special for $49.00 - saving of $50.00
Cradle Sheets 2pk - Full price: $12.00 had a 25% off 4BABY brand products came down to $9.00 - saving of $3.00
Airwrap Mesh for 2 sided cot - Full price: $39.00 - no deals or discounts on this one. 

Then we also had a $100 gift card which came in handy to take more savings off for us.
Total purchase before discounts, vouchers, giftcards and deals: $473.85
Total price paid: $258.00
Total Savings for Dan & I - $215.85

I wish the stores here had those coupon-ing like overseas - if you have never seen the show Extreme Coupon you must see it!! That is how I would imagine myself. 
One lady on the show had a shop roughly I think it was a $2,700 value and after hundreds or thousands of coupons scanned through her shop was free!!! How insane is that!! 

Babies truly are expensive and you really need to have your life and income up to scratch when you decide on having a baby. I really don't understand how people can have babies so young but don't have a proper income for their family and rely on the government... I just don't know how they afford everything they need for bubs. 


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