Wednesday, 21 August 2013

36/37 weeks

Tomorrow marks 37 weeks pregnant! WOW, WOW and WOW! 
Dan said this morning 'We are 37 weeks tomorrow and bubs can come anytime now' 'We're full term'.
Can you believe it?? Time has gone sooooo fast! 

Today I spent the day packing mine and bubs bags - yes I know I am not organized and late with packaging bags but they are DONE! 
When we had the scare last Monday that we might be in early labour I found myself running around the house trying to find things to take with me and I probably didn't even have everything. 
Now today I had a check list and have ticked off everything for bubs. 
Last things we need to do is put the pram together and get the capsule in the car and then I think we are completely set to go. 

I actually watched a video on Monday with a lady giving birth and I was traumatised that I have to go through all that. Us poor women!! But then it made tears come to my eyes when I saw the mother with her newborn. 
I am scared but excited at the same time. Scared about having to give birth and go through a labour that could last for hours. I'm scared I'll forget what to do for the best care of bubs - I feel like all my childcare knowledge has kind of just flown out of my brain. But then when I discussed my fears with Dan last night he said 'Don't worry all your natural instincts with being a mummy will come to you' and he's right.... well lets hope so anyways ;P 

Last Friday I finished up at work for maternity leave. 
Gosh these past 3 days have been such a challenge... I felt lonely on the first day thinking my gosh I don't like this as I'm so used to having people constantly around me at work. 
Having week days off and not having to go to work is really weird... I haven't had a break like this for 6-7 years! 
There isn't much to do really... If I go out then I'll spend money on things we don't need. When I'm at home theres just housework really and that's not fun haha. 
I could study my personal training course which I really need to get ontop off but that's another case of that's not fun. 

When I walked into the office last Monday to start my last week I got the best surprise with my desk being decorated up, was very sweet!!

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  1. More people in the family is ALWAYS a happy thing. It's so lovely to see couples such as you being so excited about a new member of the family. :) In today's career-driven, money-focused and soul-eating world, finding people who really care about their family is becoming harder and harder. I hope people take leaves out of your book.

    Who knows, you might add another real soon and find that you need a bigger car. Hehehe.. Consider the Holden Captiva. :)


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