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Uni Hill Factory Outlet - Fathers Day Blogger Event

Yesterday I was off to a new kind of blogging event. As my blog is venturing into new fields on top of what I currently blog about I was able to do something that I am sure we all enjoy... SHOP!
This blogging event was to celebrate Dad's Day and to talk about all things Father's Day.

During our time at the blogging event that brought me to Uni Hill FO for the first time, We were given a low down from the store manager: Emma from Cosmetics Fragrance Direct at Uni Hill, of 3 selected fragrances for Fathers Day:
(All prices displayed below are the prices from Cosmetics Fragrance Direct)

Rochas Man by Rochas - $59.00 for 100ml
This was by far my favourite as it had such a sweet smell to it, reminds me of a ladies perfume I have smelt and never been able to track down but this obviously has that masculine smell to it that makes it irresistible! 
I love the lava lamp looking bottle - its something different and bottle presentation is something that really grabs attention to my eye and makes me pick up the bottle for a smell. 

Rochas Man was released in 1999 (so its a bit of an oldie but its a goodie!) 
Rochas Man is an enticing blend of coffee, lavender, amber and sandalwood. Its aroma is sweet, yet masculine. Although it is quite a casual fragrance, it still embodies the brand's signature class and style. 

Eros by Versace - $76.00 for 50ml
I have always loved Versace scents and have brought Versace on several occasions for presents. You can never go wrong Versace I say. 
This scent of Eros was very masculine that was sweet but spicy. There is nothing better then having a very masculine scent that comes back your nose in the warmer weather! I definitely put this on my list of favourites for warm scents for mens fragrances. 

Versace Eros is for a man who is both heroic and passionate, like a Greek God. 
Eros is a crisp scent which depicts and emphasizes power and sensuality. Eros is the fragrance that interprets masculinity with an intense and vibrant freshness from top notes of mint leaves, lemon zest and green apply together with an addictive sensuality delivered by woody oriental notes of tonka beans, amber, cedarwood, geranium flower and vanilla. 

The One for Men Sport by Dolce & Gabbana - $49.00 for 50ml
A fresh subtle summer scent that is recommended for a type of man who is a business person - someone who is sophisticated. 
I love Dolce & Gabbana smells for ladies and before yesterday had never looked into Dolce & Gabbana for men. This fragrance I would recommend for the summer/spring time. Its very masculine sweet scented, it reminds me of the hot beach weather days, playing tennis or having a gym workout that a man would pop on to freshen up.

The One for Men Sport is more of a vibrant version of the original fragrance, The One. 
Energetic notes of grapefruit and artemisia give the fragrance a life of its own while rosemary and cardamom are reminiscent of a hot Mediterranean summer. 

I have heard of Cosmetics Fragrance Direct but don't think I have ever stepped into a store and checked them out until yesterday. 
Cosmetics Fragrance Direct is what can be described as a Myers make-up/perfume floor. 
They sell exactly what there name is - Cosmetics & Fragrances at cheaper prices Direct to you!

We were given this gorgeous 'A Night at the Opera' MOR pack which contains:
French Vanilla Lip Macaron 10g, Candied Vanilla Almond Hand Cream 100ml, Candied Vanilla Almond Triple-Milled Soap Bar 200g and the cosmetics bag that it all comes in. (Great timing for me as my cosmetics bag just recently fell about and gave up on me.)
The price on there shows $49.95 but at Cosmetics Fragrance Direct it variable for $30.00 - what a bargain with all that valued at $92.80! Great idea for gifts I say. 
I am very eager to give all these products a go. I have never tried MOR and these will be my first babies from the MOR range to try out. They smell amazing so I am sure I will not be disappointed (review will follow shortly when I have tested the products out).

We were then given a Kaiser Craft Workshop from Melissa and made these adorable little holders that look like mini toolboxes. When we started I said to Erin 'What is Daniel going to put in here? He doesn't work with tools' but upon getting home it came in good handy for sitting up with near the TV holding onto the remote controls, TV guides etc. 

I was so amazed at how something looks so hard to do but yet after this workshop I realised arts & crafts isn't that hard when you get precut wooden shapes/kits and just need to decorate and design it. 
Here is my creation:

And below is all the tools and adhesives we used as well as the paper which I didn't include in the collage below that we were given to make the toolbox and what you would need to replicate the toolbox.

For conclusion to our Blogger Event we were sent out into the shopping centre on a Blogger Challenge.
We were teamed up in pairs and were given 20 minutes to go to selected stores making a pack for Dad which described your kind of dad you were given for the task. Erin and I were given: The 'Big Kid' Dad.

We made a pack that contained silly string, oversized star sunglasses, whoppee cushion, game character backpack, tetris stress block, 'Dad you are rad' card and an oversized Flexit cap - and we ended up winning our challenge for the best made pack! 

The oversized Flexit novelty cap from CAPZ definitely won this for Erin & I.

Whilst on this mission to create the perfect pack for our kind of Dad we were also given 3 mini instagram challenges to do:
1. Pose with a mannequin
2. Take a pic of something blue
3. Take a pic of yourself with a fashion accessory fit for him
Which you can see my pictures up on my instagram:
Be sure to follow me @nakkers20

And to finish of the day with a snap with the ladies that attended the blogging event 

And gifted with several different vouchers and gifts from outlets in Uni Hill:

Please take a look at my Shopping Overhaul post at Uni Hill FO with the rest of the vouchers and stores I went into after the blogging event: 

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