Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Baby Shower

On the weekend Dan & I had our baby shower. I have never been to a baby shower ever so I had no idea what I should be doing by co-organizing it with my sister. 
We had a nice little knit group turn out, I was disappointed with a few people not turning up and having people bail out last minute but being hormonal I took it too much to heart. 

Our little girl got absolutely spoilt - so much love and so many gifts were shared and have been shared before hand from those who are in our lives. Dan & I are truly blessed to have so many good people in our life. 

All bubs goodies that she was gifted for her baby shower-

Dan & I only baby shower day - 36weeks 2days with a bulging baby bump- 

First game of the day - string cutting to how big you think baby belly is - 

The 3 photos below - last game of the day: skulling water from sippy cups -

After having a tantrum over my cake - my beautiful sister buys a cake and redecorates it herself -

I've always loved the ideas of candy buffets and for my baby shower I did a DIY candy buffet - 
All pink themed of course. 

Present opening time and having some snaps with the family-


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