Wednesday, 7 August 2013

BYS CAVIAR for nails

BYS’ NEW Caviar for Nails will give your fingertips an experience that will turn heads. 

With glass caviar-like beads BYS delivers an instantly sophisticated look that is 3 dimensional and ultra-feminine. Create maximum impact with a full manicure or jump on the latest nail trend and do one highlight nail, either way you can definitely have fun with this range!

This season is all about the array of amazing nail art designs that can make your talons stand out in any crowd. Achieving such on-trend manicure styles would usually require a certain amount of skill, practice and time which unfortunately we don’t all have. Enter BYS Caviar for Nails; this product is an easy DIY kit that will allow you to achieve salon-like nails in the comfort of your own home.

BYS Caviar for nails is available in 10 different colours with more winter colours coming soon. The range includes caviar beads in Black, Red & Silver or multi shade which work perfectly with the nail base colours available in Pink, Peach, Blue, Green, Red or Purple. 

I tried out one of the winter colours - Screen Siren and its this gorgeous purpley red maroon colour. I would even consider wearing this colour out on its own too. 
When I first put the caviar on my nails I didn't have much faith that the beads would stay on, but I didn't give much credit at all to BYS as they lasted long then I thought. 
Although the caviar beads don't last a very long time on the nails I recommend that if you are planning to wear them for an event then you do it on the day of the event as the beads start coming off quickly. 

The beads only lasted overnight for me but had them dropping off little by little since I put them on.. I would scratch my head and ended up with several little beads in my hair that made me feel like I was a little kid in primary school with sand in my hair, although these beads are easier to get out hehe. 
The beads get knocked off with a hit of the finger and with drying your hands after a wash of them. You really need to be gentle with your fingers/nails to get maximum use from them. 

By the next morning/day the beads had all made their way off my nails and as you can see in the picture below to the right it has left little silver spots all over my nails - I actually quite like the look it has left on my nails to be honest. It does feel a little rough though. 

I really do like the look of the caviar beads on the nails but it just don't last very long but as I said above do it on the day for when you want to have your caviar nails for maximum use. 

Each Kit includes a BYS Nail Polish 14ml, 1g pot of Caviar beads and application brush.- RRP $7.95

You can pick yours up at K-Mart, Gloss Accessories, Cosmetics Plus, selected pharmacies and speciality stores or online through or for more stockists call (03) 9951 4666


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