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National Relaxation Day - 15th August

Whether you’re a new mum/dad, a working mum/dad or a mother /father who’s schedule runs around the extra-curricular activities of your kids, life can get insanely busy for us and there isn’t often a chance to relax. It’s so important to slow down, and National Relaxation is all about that! Aside from thinking about what you might like to get up to that day, you shouldn’t do anything else but pamper yourself.

Here is whats on the recommendation list for Relaxation Day:

                                  Palmolive’s New Honeysuckle and Orange Zest Shower gel 

For that fresh tingly feeling on your skin

I love a good body wash/gel that has 'energising' written on it. I have learnt that anything that says 'energising' is amazingly scented and really gives you a little wake up boost in the shower as the scents just blow you away. 
Something I really liked about this product was the moisture beads in it, its like a little bit of a massage when they roll around on your body as you wash.
The smell of this product reminds of washing powder - not in a bad way but as in fresh. This scent left not only my skin smelling fresh and clean but the whole shower as well! 
It is a very thick liquid so don't squeeze too much as you only require a little squirt for it to cater for your whole body. 

                                                      Palmolive Body Butter

To make you look and feel naturally beautiful

This product will surely awaken those senses - the smell of products is what gets me going back for more when it comes to body washes. 
It brings back childhood memories for me as it reminds me of those lip smackers all us girls used to collect when younger.
It's creamy and lathers up so easily. I wouldn't rate the 'exfoliating' part of it so highly though as the exfoliating beads aren't so large, which doesn't give you enough of a good scrub for exfoliating but I definitely do like this as a bit of a treat and as a body wash. 

                                        Palmolive Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner

For giving your hair the ultimate care wash

I was testing out the Palmolive Naturals 'Healthy Ends' - this didn't have much of a sole fragrance scent to it, was more just a soap smell. My hair felt soft, light and dried with it looking really healthy. 
This shampoo & conditioner is good for hair that is prone to split ends - which is me, after not having my hair done for nearly a year, it's bad shape. Thankfully this will help me out until I visit my hairdresser this weekend for some fixing! Then Palmolive will be my buddy again to help act on those split ends!

Cold Power Sensitive Touch
To make those pyjamas extra clean
Keeping those clothes clean and not having the scratches from bad washing liquids/powders is what really gets you relaxed and not having to worry about sensitive skin. Daniel & I both have sensitive skin so using Cold Power Sensitive Touch has been a blessing in our house - no red rashes, no constant scratching, no having to apply a million different ointments to those areas that get effected from the washing liquids/powders.
Cold Power Sensitive Touch is good on the clothes which leaves it gentle on the skin. 
I wouldn't recommend any other washing agent then Cold Power Sensitive Touch.

 Cuddly Ultra Sensitive
To make those pyjamas extra soft 

For that extra softness to your clothes add some Cuddly Ultra Sensitive to your washing- great for towels too!
I love putting on clothes that don't feel all crispy from the line or the drier and with the assistance of Cuddly Ultra Sensitive it takes the crisp away from your clothes and leaves them feeling brand new, never worn feel again. 
Cuddly Ultra Sensitive is good for our household as well with Daniel & I both having sensitive skin. Sensitive is always something I ensure my laundry products always have. 

                                                           Skyla electric hot pack 
A portable hug to keep you warm
Never had I known that there was electric hot packs before until this send out arrived. The days of those wheat packs in the microwave are over for me! 
When I struggle hard with back pain throughout this pregnancy I would get that wheat pack, chuck it in the microwave and pop it on my back. Within minutes it would be cold again and after it did get cold, I would want to re-heat it back in the microwave straight away but it's not recommended to be done and also the wheat starts to smell yucky after a few re-heats. 

Skyla Electric Hot Pack has been a total gem on the back pain, as I write now 'Skyla' is sitting behind my back and giving me this relaxed sensation and really working on those pregnancy back pains. 

Amazingly soft velvet cover for Skyla
For use of Skyla all you need to do is remove the soft velvet cover, plug cord into a power point for about 15 minutes via an electrical charging cord - the cord has a LED light that will turn off when your Skyla is ready to go, remove the cord and place Skyla back into the cover and you're all set to go. 

Gorgeous little love heart piece to charge Skyla with.
Skyla doesn't need refilling with hot water so there will be no risk of spillage, is rechargeable, keep warm for up to 5 hours, ready in 15 mins and can be used on full body.

Skyla charging up - must be laid on flat surface for charge.

Using a special saline solution that retains temperature, Skyla’s heat is activated through electricity in only fifteen minutes. Without the risk of scolding hot water or the dangers of microwaving, the thermostatically controlled Skyla heats up to 70 degrees in a short space of time and lasts up to five hours in a warm environment or three hours in a cooler environment. Having been temperature tested for ultimate comfort, Skyla’s soft covers bring the heat down to a standable 50 degrees – warming you up more efficiently than a hug.

Skyla is for use of 3yrs + and is also available in some awesome bright animal printed packs - great for kids!

Skyla will definitely be with me for the birth of my daughter - I'm sure Skyla will work wonders once again for me.

Happy National Relaxation Day!


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