Monday, 5 August 2013

Betts Kids and So They Can Team Up


Betts Kids has teamed up with the not for profit organization So They Can, donating $5 from every pair of school shoes sold online from July 1st 2013.

This $5 is enough to provide one child with three hot meals a day at So They Can’s Aberdare school in Kenya for an entire week!

So They Can is a not for profit (NFP) organization that supports communities to end poverty and become self-sufficient. Their key focus is education and building the local economy through micro finance and social 

"So They Can is very excited about working together with Betts Kids", said Cassandra Treadwell, CEO and founder of So They Can. "We work alongside communities in Kenya and Tanzania, operating a primary school in the Aberdare Ranges that educates 500 students (growing to 1,080 students by 2017) and an orphanage where we currently care for 120 children. 
All funds raised from the Betts Kids initiative will go directly to feeding and caring for these kids."

So They Can also operates a medical clinic, an educational farm and a business school that provides training and micro finance to women and a teachers’ training college.

The Betts Kids brand was inspired to work alongside the So They Can initiative as they feel it has a very real and positive impact on the lives of these children. The online initiative will run from July 1, 2013 through to June 30, 2014.

The Betts Kids brand was established with the ethos of being a specialist children’s footwear retailer that provides the very best care for children’s feet. They have invested continuous research and development into their key Airflex technologies that are found in their school shoe range. 

Key school shoe styles are available in multi- width fittings, are orthotic friendly and contain 360 degree stitching to keep your kids feet comfortable and safe all day long.

I encourage you all to get behind this amazing collaboration from Betts Kids and help assist whilst helping your kids out with a new pair of shoes at the same time. 
I always have said since I was a little girl that for my honeymoon when I get married is to go over to Africa and instead of receiving wedding gifts for myself that everyone donates money so I will be able to buy up in bulk over here and visit with the donations for what these children, families, communities need and by seeing this team up I am truly pleased that its not just me who wants to get involve and help out. 


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