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Heavenly Home kit by Colgate-Palmolive

Yesterday was the day I had a little time to run around the house being a good housewife cleaning up ready for the weekend, which this weekend is a super special one being its my baby shower weekend!! There will be no time to clean on Saturday as I have my hair booked in (to look my best for my baby shower of course), cakes to decorate, house to set up, baking to do etc.
So the trusty friends came out to give me that heavenly home again!

Daniel & I both work full time during the week so we seem to develop quite a messy house during the week as we would rather spend time together then clean. We don't have visitors over on weekdays luckily so that comes to advantage so we can freely express in other words mess the house without worry. Don't get me wrong though we don't like a messy house nor try to be messy on purpose but we just live a carefree week not worrying about the house status.
In saying that its always a Saturday morning that we find ourselves spending a few hours doing housework so that we can relax in a clean house and obviously to upkeep the house.

We have been putting these to the test for the past few weeks and amazing results have come from each product!

Ajax Spray n' Wipe Multipurpose Wipes 

Ajax Spray 'n Wipe have now came out with a easy lift out wipes container making it so much easier and convenient to clean your house. The wipes fresh fragrance and thick fabric are designed to trap dirt and spills in one effortless wipe, leaving surfaces sparkling clean so messes are no longer a hassle. From the kitchen bench, to your new resturant-style dining table, the conveniently large perforated wipes can be split in half so you can use two wipes to clean up spills faster. Following your delicious meals washing up doesn't have to be strenuous!

Daniel and I loved the smell of these wipes - they were this crisp apple fresh scent that leaves your kitchen smelling amazing! The only thing we can flaw on it was that they don't stay wet for very long and once they have touched a surface they seem to loose that wetness and get easily dried up. 
But they clean those surfaces very well. 
Daniel & I had a cake icing mark on our table that is one of those baddies to get cleaned off without leaving a mark on the table. Ajax Spray 'n Wipe multipurpose wipes got that off within seconds and left the table sparkling! 

We have a very gorgeous expensive NZ pine table that I cherish and we are always on the search for something that takes care of our table when it comes to cleaning up and Ajax has been our answer for being gentle but giving it that thorough clean that leaves the table top sparkling as if it was brand new again!

Ajax Spray 'n Wipe Easy Lift Out Wipes are available in a 40 pack tub with a RRP $4.99 which can be refilled with your choice of Antibacterial or Long Lasting Fragrance (36 pack) which is RRP $3.99.

Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Dishwashing Liquid

Palmolive Ultra Concentrate dishwashing liquid has more power in every drop, which means you can be scrubbing less and relaxing more. The formula means you require half as much as regular dishwashing liquid, while still cutting easily through grease, and it's also formulated to be soft on hands. 

We have a dishwasher in our house luckily as I hate washing dishes but when we have those nights when its only a small amount of dishes to clean up or stuff that I refuse to put through the dishwasher this is where Palmolive Ultra Concentrate Dishwashing Liquid comes in handy. 
It truly has this powerful action that gets right in there and gives your dishes the best wash ever. 
The smell is for this one we tested out - Antibacterial with lemon extracts is a scent that leaves your dishes thanking you and you thanking Palmolive Ultra Concentrate. 

As I was so impressed with how well it did in the kitchen and how good the smell was - I wanted to test it out in the bathroom.... Down on went on my hands and knees scrubbing that shower floor at 36 weeks pregnant and you know what - gobsmacked! Shining shower floor that looks like no one has ever showered in it before!!
Palmolive is definitely what I will be purchasing in our shopping runs from now on. 

Palmolive Ultra Concentrate is available in 400 ml (RRP $3.49) and 750ml (RRP $4.99) with five different variants: Original, Zesty Lemon & Lime, soothing Aloe Vera Dry Skin, Lemon AntiBacterial and Cold Force which is brand new and only available in 400ml size.

Cuddly Magic Moments Tender Hug - Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

Cuddly Concentrate Magic Moments gives a boost of fragrance, making every moment magic.
It has a fresh, warm fragrance that awakens your sense, giving you that comforting feeling of a tender hug. The fragrance activated with contact, so you can enjoy 21 days of freshness.
It has a rich, creamy formula so you can enjoy luxuriously soft clothes. 

My washing have never smelt better, thanks to Cuddly Magic Moments. 
There is no better way to describe the way you washing smells fresh out of the washing machine, drying on the line and on your body once dry then what Cuddly Magic Moments have stated in the above paragraph. 
They just have this powerful and fresh scent to it that leaves you wanting to wash everything in your house with it! 

I was given 2 bottles of this and gave a bottle to my Mum who has 8 in the house at home still and she is inlove with this, she too sees great benefits from Cuddly Magic Moments. Mum washed her car seats with Cuddly Magic Moments and says her car has never been fresher and had a scent that has lasted for days and has left her car seats just a treat to rub your hands over for the softness. 

My little darling is expected to arrive in 4.5 weeks and I know for sure that next week when I head off on maternity leave and start the process of washing all her items that Cuddly Magic Moments will be what I ensure goes into the washing machine with each wash! 

Cuddly Magic Moments comes in a 400ml (RRP $5.99) & 800ml size (RRP $9.99)

Cold Power Sensitive Touch Washing Powder/Liquid

Cold Power Sensitive Touch delivers outstanding performance in cold water while being gentle on skin. Its new hypoallergenic formula is free from perfumes - ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies and wants that extra softness, without compromising on washing results. 

As you all know I suffer from eczema and having extra sensitive skin, its not something I like because it makes everything so much harder for me - not being able to just pick up anything from the supermarket and knowing it will be fine. I have to search high and low, standing their for ages reading the back of products to see if I can use it and more importantly going through that trial phase waiting to see how my skin will react to it. 
Cold Power Sensitive Touch put me at such ease. After putting this into my first load of washing once I received this product for the first time - worrying over washing my clothes with something new and worrying over how my skin will react is no more! 

Not only is this good for myself but Daniel started to develop sensitive skin or maybe it was a reaction to what we were using before hand but with Cold Power Sensitive Touch - he also is worry free! 

Cold Power Sensitive Touch is avaliable in a 1kg powder or 1kg liquid (RRP $9.99) or a 2kg powder or 2kg liquid for (RRP $14.99)


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